Cultural & Arts Club

ST PAULS COLLEGE provides an atmosphere which helps students to grow and develop as multi-faceted individuals. It seeks to uphold the best and beautiful aspects of western and of our Indian tradition and heritage. It also provides an opportunity to the students to let their imagination run wild and provide them with the sight to see things in a different way. Students learn from one another and share their prowess in different aspects of cultural and art. Through the Cultural & Arts Club, the institution fosters and inculcates a world view and a broader outlook on life offering students a wide range of cultural and arts activities through music, dance, singing, skit, dramatics and various art forms and develops creative talents in the Paulites. The club aims to encourage student’s interest, participation, and responsibility in the ingenious field through a medium of creative art and cultural activities. The Club actively involves in organizing the intra-collegiate cultural competitions—Blessed Alberione Talentia (BAT) and prepares students for inter-collegiate events. Organising the inter-collegiate fests, Paulakala and Anavaran is a major responsibility of the Club. The club encourages the students to explore and exhibit their best intellectual capabilities and aesthetics.


  • To enhance students’ skills and to accentuate their understanding and learning in art and culture
  • To encourage students to express themselves through music, dance, poetry and other art forms
  • To provide a comforting vent for students who are inclined to share their imaginations and talents
  • To encourage students to take part in competitions in and outside the campus

Coordinator: Mr. Linto Antony – 7012269038