IBM Certified Analytics

Course Duration – 50 Hours

  • Introduction to business analytics in digital economy
  • Analytics in modern enterprises
  • Ways of importing data to work with IBM Cognos insight
  • Restructuring of data
  • Create different visualizations relevant to business uses
  • Constructing a new workspace in enterprise business
  • Different ways of formatting ad entering data in reporting
  • Sharing data & publish a workspace across business stakeholders.
  • Business case studies & problem solving
  • Usage of reporting in marketing, HR, Operations management
  • Describe the capabilities of IBM Watson Analytics
  • Adding of data into Watson Analytics
  • Exploring data using Watson Analytics templates in various Business cases
  • Refining or shaping the data by creating predictive models
  • Creating a dashboard to monitor events and provide key insights
  • Use Watson Analytics templates for easy arrangement and alignment
  • Access existing workbooks in the workspace and review sample tutorials
  • And use cases in marketing, HR Operations, etc.
  • Create visualizations in view to convey information
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